BADLAND... definitely not BAD (frustrating / addictive ... yes)

What is it?  Besides being frustrating, curiously addictive and pretty artistic, it's a simple game, similar to SFCave (if you're a palm'er you'll know).  This is my #appcoliseum pick from the past week.

Cover artSo the popular game BADLAND (can I just say Badland?) has been out on iTunes for some time and was very popular.  Well, now it's out on Android, FREE (but there are some inapp purchase options).

The idea is by pressing the screen, anywhere, it causes your character to move up.  Let go and he drops down.

Problem in Badland is that if he/it hits the ground it doesn't move forward.  The screen always does, and if you leave the screen, you die.

timing is critical to beat that boulder to the end
(or else it'll block off you escape)
So, hope a little by tapping the screen lightly, or holding and releasing to allow for some form of flight.  It's tricky to get the timing right, but eventually you can master it.

Just as you start to think "I got this", it starts to mess with you.  Little 'power ups' along the way make you lighter (faster) or heavier (slower), then you can shrink or grow in size... there's all kinds as you progress.  Multiply, get sticky, get rubbery... they all help you progress through the game.

Sometimes the way through is too narrow (need to shrink), or you need to bash your way through (get big).  In some areas buzz saws can kill your dude, well a sticky powerup allows you to just stick to the blade and not get sliced.

It's all very ingenious.  Tricky manouvers... proper timing (there's some real killer ones I'm running up to right now) and it's got just that right level of frustration to keep you playing for a long time.

To add to the game's addictiveness you have achievements for each level you can monitor - as well it plugs into your Google Play Services so you can see how others are doing.  There's even a MultiPlayer mode where you can have up to 4 friends play on the same screen at the same time against each other!

To show you some screen grabs really doesn't do it justice.  To show you in a video ... it still doesn't do it justice (I tried, they end up being SUPER long - there's just so much I want to show you).

Trust me, just go download it now!

Get it on Google Play

 Some more bonus pictures.

Timing here is CRITICAL 
try controlling all those dudes and not touch the
poisonous sticky thingies

Multi Player Mode