Android Platform Distribution by the Numbers (December version)

The beginning of the month for a guy like me means that I get to get my new monthly numbers.  One of which is the Android Platform Distribution.  It's a stat that Google keeps on all their Android devices out there to see what versions which folks are running.  Useful for developers to know where to target, but also good for bloggers like me to see how the users out there are faring in terms of updates.

iOS fans love to chew this up as a stat just for showing Android's fragmentation, but that's an argument for another day.

Here's how it looks:

For a better detail I've charted this information in our handy dandy database page and you can see how the numbers have fared over the past while (see chart below)

Good to see Kitkat jump up to such a strong number in just the little while it was available.  (Essentially the only real device on 4.4 was the Nexus 5, which hit hands just before the midway mark of the month).  Not much really changed this past month.  Probably everybody was holding steady waiting to see what happened with 4.4 (tho' 4.3 numbers almost doubled).