A Quick Review for COVER

I'm also testing out Koush's new "mirror" app.  Damn, it works well.

So... here's Cover.  It's no longer a private/invite-only beta, but a public beta, so you can go get it now if you want.

Here's my take.

Essentially, it's nice and really beautiful.  But I'm missing the functionality of being able to swipe to the right and get my camera.  Sure, there'll be a shortcut and I can 'peek' into it... but still.  New things are new and take time to get used to.

The other part is that it's going to slowly learn from YOU about what apps to put there, and like Aviate it also looks at where you are to behave differently I wonder if we can request to get a widget put in the middle of the screen, like Dashclock or Chronus.  I just like having the weather or the current battery percentage there (personal opinion). It is beta!

Have you given it a whirl?  What do you think of the Mirror app?  I think I will probably be doing a lot of my videos this way, so thanks +Koushik Dutta

  Get it on Google Play