4.4.2 OTA Available for Nexus Devices

Google Pushes out yet another OTA to their line of Nexus devices, this time in the name of security!

Just a few days ago we got the OTA for kitkat 4.4.1 that address a few things with the Nexus line, but more notable the camera and audio volume adjustments to the Nexus 5.
Just days later, Google now pushes 4.4.2 and is said to address some security issues, but what issues exactly?

Seems this is to address the Denial-of-service vulnerability that would allow the reboot or device wipe via a code from a SMS message.
We here at +Android Coliseum actually talked about this last week during our Live Hangouts. It's really nice to see Google addressed this issue quickly.

Thanks goes to +Kurt Colbeck for clarifying the info for me.