Your Backup Battery Plans [Poll Results]

So we've asked, and you've answered.  With +Martin Guay getting to review some Anker options; I was curious as to what the options some of you have already adopted.

Here's how you answered:

When asked to list off what your charging options the responses were:

I keep extra removable batteries
I have a portable universal
I have plenty of chargers always available

If you want to see it in chart form:

The low percentage for 'nothing' is surprising.  But more than a 3rd of you are carrying around some portable universal.   What I didn't ask was how often you carry that around with you.  Is it all the time?

"Other" were a few answers that actually didn't fall into the 'removable batteries' and the 'chargers' category.  So it's a couple more notches in those belts.

When asked what types of universals almost half of you were already using Anker.  Some of the other brands were:  iWalk, Limeade, Morphie, Motorola, myCharge, Powerocks, Vaas, Zagg.

Now, when it comes to size, average is ~8000mAh.
With 15% being under 5000mAh, 70% in the 5-10,000mAh range, and another 15% for more than 10,000mAh.  Most common size was 10,000mAh.

Good to see our Android users are just like the Boy Scouts and are 'always prepared'.