You + Smartphone = Battery drain!

Everyone knows that the more you use your smartphone the more the battery drains, it's an unfortunate fact. All want to retain some juice for extra activities and were not all near a power outlet all the time. Some would suggest a portable battery charger like a an Anker Astro, Zagg, PowerBank etc.

But not everyone is interested in having one or dragging one a long with them, so some turn themselves over to application that  are designed to save them battery power! Which can be achieved by disabling data and wifi over long period of time and re-enabling them every so often to sync, reducing the brightness and sometimes doing a better job then the auto brightness feature.

I've installed the Snapdragon BatteryGuru and I will be testing it throughout the next 2 weeks. There's an initial 2 to 3 days of the application gathering stats and my habits so I'll start near the weekend to see how well it fairs.

The application has intrigued me and since it's geared towards Snapdragon processors I'm going to play with it. If your unfamiliar with the application take a look at the detail screen capture that I have.

So the application is suppose to learn what my habits are and allow me to use my phone normally without interruptions, my notifications will get in normally, I'll be able to know what's going and not worry. I'm still sceptical but I'll give it a shot.

But for the sake of arguments, I'll combine my portable battery charger with this app and see how I fair without using an outlet, just because I can!