What Google Has Learnt from the Nexus 4 Launch (video)

Google has made a lot of improvements since the disastrous Nexus 4 launch, but it still wasn't perfect from a Canadian perspective. Here's a quick look into the goods and bads of the Nexus 5 launch

The Goods:

  • The Google Play Store was really overhauled to increase user face efficacy, options were clear and very easy to see what was available.
  • The Google Play Store including Google Wallet was quick and responsive with little to no slow downs from the mass rush of people compared to last years massive error fest.
  • Many devices shipped late next day, apposed to the 2 - 9 week window people received last years with the Nexus 4
  • Local carriers will have the phone readily available almost immediately, apposed to them not getting it til months later for those who like contract purchases.
  • Available in black and white. Google and LG kinda dropped the ball on the White Nexus 4 last year when it came out nearly 6 months late.
  • Canadians weren't left out! - Last year we got benched, forced to wait for the 2nd round of devices.

The Bads:
  • Canadians who ordered the device are having them shipped from the US, which increases time it takes to get device in hand. I would much rather it have shipped from the LG warehouse in Canada we all saw pictures of and get it much earlier. 
  • Stock sold out way too fast. The Google Play Store sold out within about 27 minutes just like last year, I had hopped they'd be better equipped this time.
  • Way too many intentional leaks. Google was extremely sloppy when it came to keeping the Nexus 5 hush hush. This leads me to believe these were intentional 'leaks' just to tease the media.... it worked. However, it got tiresome to the point many people including myself were getting a little tired of it.


Google and LG made a huge improvement on the shipping and server side of releasing the Nexus 5. Aside from the shortage in stock levels, I'd classify this as a success. This success comes as a breath of fresh air, as the Nexus 4 launch was flawed and executed poorly.  Great job Google!

P.S: Thanks for not forgetting about us Canadians this time +Google Play .   Boy... I sure wish I could stream some Google Music though... hint hint.