SurDoc - giving you the most for your cloud, for free!

So, I'm the cloud guy... I love storing files not on my own device, but in the cloud and ready and waiting for when I want to use them.

I keep a database of all the different types available for Android; and I'm always on the lookout for more.  Especially as the one I've been using for my desktop (Crashplan) the subscription is about to run out and for the next year they want 2x what I paid previously.  So I was really on the lookout.  Enter SurDoc:

I don't know why I hadn't heard about it yet... 100GB and up to 1TB of free storage... FREE?!?!

So, why SurDoc... they're big on security.  Then again, you really can't be in the 'cloud game' and not say that.  But they make the claim that they're the only company that CANNOT read your files:

From their site:
Are my files encryped?Yes, files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, the US Federal Government gold standard for file encryption. All data is stored encrypted – neither SurDoc‘s staff nor anyone else can view your private files. 
How secure are my documents?
Your documents are very secure because SurDoc solely uses premium-quality hardware and complies with the best practices of industry data security. SurDoc’s servers keep all data redundantly in three backup layers, by automatically replicating them both internally and externally. In the very unlikely case that something goes wrong with this, we also keep a conventional offline backup.
I'm feeling more at ease... maybe I'll replace Crashplan with this.  Free isn't a bad price to pay!

When I give a rating on my database, I show off which is the #1, 2 and 3 for free space, cost for space and referral bonus.  SurDoc just replaced all previous leaders and took top spot for each.

  • Most free space:  100GB (next is MediaFire and Mega tied at 50GB)
  • Cheapest rates:  $0.025/year/GB (based on $30/year for 100GB) (next is Bitcasa at $0.10/year/GB)
  • Most referral bonus:  10GB (next is Minus and Spider Oak for 1GB)

Not bad.  Primarily SurDoc is meant for 'documents'.  As for the first tier of the pay plan you get the same space, but more 'annotating' per month.  Uploading photos is allowed, but there's no thumbnail.  You can 'preview', but it's slow as all get out, so looking for that one picture, might take a while.

I'd really recommend this service as a backing up service for your files on your computer, rather than a "hey, let me pull that file up for you" service.

They do also allow for auto backing up of your camera shots on your phone as well as some of the 'important' folders, like DOWNLOADS, DOCUMENTS, etc...

Now, the only real 'caveat' is that if you're storing (as they say it) 'special files' (i.e. non doc or photos...) then you have a limit of 10MB each to a max of 5GB.

“Special files” include files that you can neither print nor play,like executable binaries, database dumps, etc.

So... use the space wisely!  I know I'm eager to dive in!