Sunday Afternoon Hangout #53 [video]

Such a relaxed pace these Sunday Afternoons are.  Great to be able to spend the time with our team and discuss the recent Android news.  This past weekend was nice to be able to get together as it really signified our 1 year anniversary with as much of the gang as possible.  Plus we had a lot to discuss, what with the recent news from the Google+ event and of course the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4.  I personally felt a little 'ripped off' without having a formal announcement in that regard, so it was nice to have everyone talk about it together and get each of our takes on the scenario.

We talked about that, and much more.  Watch the clip to see what it was we talked about (you can see the agenda below).

2013-11-03 Sunday Afternoon Hangout #53 / Event Link / MP3 / MP4