Safe in Cloud - Password manager

This little neat application was +Sylvain Le Bourhis suggestion to my earlier post about Dashlane. I then began to look at various features of both of these password managers.

I'll tell you about how I felt about Cloud In Safe. It's there at the top of the list of the best password manager that are available. This is hands down.

It offers the exact same features that you would find in a password manager. Here's where it's different...

  • Sync to the cloud service of your choice (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)
  • Offers standard 256 bit AES encryption.
  • Allows to generate complex passwords.
  • Extension for browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Import/Export your password list
  • Free Microsoft Windows Application
  • Android app is one single payment of 4.99$
Making it the best alternative to services like Lastpass, Keypass, Dashlane etc.

Safe in Cloud does have a road map of where they are heading with their application:

More symbols and colors
Firefox extension
Image attachments
Multiple databases
Not defined yet
Cloud file location setting
Not defined yet
iPhone/iPad app
In progress
Mac app
Q1 2014
Linux app
Not planned
Chrome OS app
Not planned
Windows Phone app
Not planned
Opera extension
Not planned
Internet Explorer extension
Not defined yet
New clouds
Not planned
Android 2.x compatibility
Not planned

At point there should be not reason why you haven't already swtiched! For myself I've exported my Dashlane database into a compatible format for Safe In Cloud and I've completed the switch.

This may be the best move I've done today.

Again if you have any question check the website there's plenty of answers for all of your questions.