Rocki, making all your speakers 'streamable'

I'm not sure I'd consider myself an 'audiophile'.  Back in the day, for sure.  I loved sound.  I worked at various electronics shops in order to sort of feed that habit (or did the habit come as a result of working at those stores?)... sort of how I'm blogging about my passion for Android now.  It feeds my enthusiasm for the sector.

One of the nice things about working at retail locations was not so much the pay, but the perks.  My favourite perk was being able to spot items that were about to go disco, or finding way old items that were still perfectly good, but getting them for cheap.  One of the locations I worked for took full hits on old merchandise, so we were pretty much allowed to sell it for whatever.  That is how I have a really decent system here at my house.  Something I've rarely ever used since my son was born (a little tear has formed at how I used to listen to Diana Krall or Tragically Hip in 6.1 full surround at top volume, enough to bring on the police for noise complaints).

Point is that we all probably have very nice speakers in our houses.  Some in the garage (I have an awesome old tube amp'd record player hutch/thingie) or in the 'den'.  But where do we listen to most of our music?  Our phones.

There's some really nice docks out there.  But ... as I found out with my Zune, not always is that one dock going to work with any future generations.  So why not use the stereos we have?

Sure we can connect our phones to our systems sometimes.  Sometimes there's a cable input, sometimes not.  Heaven forfend we go make a CD to plop in (ick... physical media?).  It's not always easy.

Enter Rocki... one of the options to stream your music to your pre-existing sound system.

Sure, there's probably other options.  But this is simple.  Think of it as a 'receiver' to get your music you have on your device and then through a cable connects to your stereo.  Leave it there all the time and wirelessly connect as needed.

So yeah, pretty neat.  I can think of several applications.  My kitchen stereo has a line input, my basement stereo, my garage... (the TV upstairs has Chromecast, so I'd just cast), but for the scenarios like my den, even if I had Chromecast, I'd have to ensure that I have audio from the TV going to the amp.

Rockis come in all sorts of colour, so you can match it to your room, and it's tiny enough to hide.

Just use the streaming app and you can make music in any room from your phone (or that your phone has access to, like dropbox, NAS, etc...), but on your best speakers in the house.  What I think is uber cool is they developed for Android first THEN iOS... maybe it's just the vain side of me.

I think it's pretty awesome.  Kickstarter funding should be starting soon, so check them out.

Oh, and btw - I'm very jealous of +Kirsty Lawer who won the first set.