[Update] Portable Battery charger - Are they needed? [Update]

Have you ever thought about buying a portable battery charger? Maybe you even own one. Do you think it's a requirement? Yes, absolutely.

Here's why; You have instances where your not always going to be near a power outlet. It's for those times when you can't have that you would need something else.

I agree that I could go around carrying my charging cable with me and plug myself in, but even if that was the case. I'd have to sit still for a good hour before I have enough juice to just go on about running around.

For some of us that's not always possible. Take for example, your at a conference and your in the middle of the room. Where do you think you're going to get some power? Not all conference room have nice little power outlet on the floor.

The other one is your at a coffee shop and I've seen this often you sit down and wait the plug you need is to far or everyone are using them. Do you still think that it's not a requirement?

I can think of many other use for this battery pack. Whether this would be used by an urban dweller or the nature guy running around in the forest using his GPS, there's a use for them.

In the next little while I'll be posting a small review about some units I'm going to be testing and as well as the ones I've bought.

So keep on the lookout for an update to this little article!


I got my Anker Astro 5600mah and I'm charging it now and will be testing this bad boy later on. In the mean time here's what the package I got offers.