Nexus 5 making its way to Canadian carriers

It looks like Nexus 5 devices are making their way into Canada.

I see +Renaud Lepage posting he has his, and I'll be +Tom Gray will have his soon.

The device is also making its way onto the 3 big carriers.  All 3 are reporting that the devices should be ready by November 8th.

So if you missed your shot, you can just walk into the store to pick one up without a 2-3 or 3-4 week wait.  Except... they'll be more expensive.  $100 $150 more expensive to be exact.  Parry that off for the $20 or so shipping... it may not be that bad a price to pay.  Yeah, no... wait and buy it via the Play Store.

[edit:  that price is $500 for the 16GB version, so that's $150 more]

What is kinda better is that you could get it on a 2 year plan for just $100.  You'd have to be ready for an upgrade, or buy out your old contract.  But 2 years, paying off $400... that's ~$16 every month to the carrier for the phone.  I'd rather just buy it out right.  No more ties for me.

[update: Videotron is also in the mix, but no word on price or timeline]

I'll be keeping track of where else you can buy the Nexus 5 over the coming days.  Don't forget we've got a database of all the phones and prices (I'll embed below).