LG Flex flexes on camera

Okay, I've said it all along, that the important part of a 'flexible' display is not that it's shaped in a curvy way out of the box, but that it can actually 'flex'.  Doing so allows the device to survive a lot of the damage that would normally cause other devices to break and whatnot.

Here's a video taken of the device going under some heavy, if not somewhat expected, amount of stress

Definitely that's what's going to make this device the winner. Imagine putting it in your pocket and not have to worry about closing the door with your hip. I've broken a Palm device by putting it in my breast pocket and then leaning into the tail of my truck. Potentially this kind of flexing will help this device survive the abuse!

source:  http://www.engadget.com/2013/11/04/lg-g-flex-video/