Laptops vs. Tablets [poll results]

Last week I asked you your preference as to whether you preferred a tablet or a laptop.  Now, I probably should have emphasized as your 'non-main' device.  A lot of people have switched over to using a laptop as their main computing device, so obviously you can't replace your main computer with just a laptop (or can you?  heck, there was that story of a CEO who only used a Note 2 for his main computer.)

Anyways, that being said, here's the results of your answers:

So, most folks understood the gist and chose tablets.  But why?  Well, I gave folks the options of voicing their 'why's.

For tablets:

  • ease of use.
  • Considering what powerhouses a lot of modern laptops are, and given that they don't take up much more space than a tablet, It's laptops, hands down.
  • so much smaller and easier... and apps help make it more advantageous than 'software'

  • My laptop is my main PC.  The tablet is my travelling companion.
  • Portable and sturdy
  • portability
  • nicer
  • 99% use is casual and the tablet is good enough
  • a desktop is for real work, tablet is the fun part of a laptop.
  • More portable 
  • Mobility

For laptops:

  • more power!
  • It's more productive. 
  • does everything a desktop does
  • Content creation and program compatibility with desktop.
  • does more, easier to type.
  • More efficient work space

Now, I also asked them to flip the coin, and say when would each have the advantage

When does a laptop have the advantage?
When does a tablet have the advantage
games, multi tasking.
Use in bathroom.
Doing productive work.
Watching movies on the bed.
Greater specs
More portable
On the go content creation
On the go content access
Work, Blogging, Multitasking.
Family, Games, Sharing Photos,
for complex drawings which i need special apps or software fo and bigger screen
all the time.
Lengthy typing, school-work, browsing speed, gaming power, and etc.
lifetime of battery, powerhouse (Photoshop editing) and lots of typing
just about any other time
I can play PC games and it has the full version of Excel. Nothing on any tablet I have used has anything remotely close to Excel.
to work
to enjoy contents
when you don't have a pc or do lots of travelling
when you are sitting on the couch watching TV at the same time
if you travel for work.
The light weight and touch combo for when you are accessing the internet at home. A tablet should always be more powerful and faster than your phone, or else it defeats the purpose.
Keyboard needed
Most of the time
Producing content
Everything else

Both sides make very good arguments.  What it boils down to, I guess, is what you're planning on doing with the secondary device.  Is it just a consumption item, or a tinkering device?  Either or, slowly but surely I think we'll see the demise of laptops as tablets get better and better.

Heck, look at that Asus Trio.  Wicked.

Want to make the best out of your tablet?  Lifehacker has a pretty good article about getting to use the device more like a tablet.  Give it a read: