Flyne - The read later news reader

Welcome to Flyne the read later news reader. Flyne offers right from the beginning to get your the most popular news feeds and or simply login to your Twitter or Feedly account.

If your like me you've already setup everything you needed in your Feedly and you have plenty of reading material. What does Flyne bring to you?

It will download and sync all the story/news sources you add it so that you can view them later and read them entirely. It allows you to set it up so that only when your on WiFi it will sync your material up to 50mb of storage by default.

This is indeed plenty of storage space for your news.

The application isn't loaded with features, but you'll note that the more important ones are there.

What I do find that I miss, is the ability to search for news feeds and save them for later viewing. From what I was able to determine is that only the most recent post will show up once you've installed Flyne it doesn't allow you to go back further in the past. So from whenever you install it you'll be able to flip through the various post from your initial install.

Your viewing style is similar to a magazine you can flip from left to right and right to left to check out the various articles, scrolling up and down allows you to view the content of the article and load extra information if you need to.

If you've noticed that on the top left you have the Flyne logo as well as the share logo on the right side, thus allowing to share an interesting article to whatever source you want making it much more easier then what some of us are use to select the link, copy the link and paste the link. The traditional way of doing it on a PC.

The look and feel of the application is fairly easy to get use to and it's a nice convenient way to read your article later when you've dropped off the radar and there's no cell signal or WiFi in the area. Granted I do agree that there is improvement and I'm sure the developer is working very hard to make this the best experience for the user. I'm looking forward to see what more will come out of Flyne and what the developer has to say for upcoming releases.

I personally enjoyed my time with the application and I would recommended it for the "read later" type of readers. Definitely a must application in my book.