Dashlane password Manager

There's so many choices for password managers from our desktop to our mobile devices that it can get complicated at choosing one. I'm here with Dashlane and this is probably the only one I'm going to stick with.

I've tried Lastkeep, Password!, Cloud Password and a few others just to name a few of them.

Most password managers are using the standard AES 256bit encryption and this is quite secure. If anyone wants to break into this it will take them quite some time, but in the end anything can be broken.

Dashlane provides you the ability to sync multiple devices and all your password via the cloud. What is neat is that only the database is sent to the cloud and the keys for the encryption and decryption are kept locally based on your password.

This is what they had to say: "AES-256 encryption (the world's leading standard), with 10,000+ rounds of PBKDF2 salt. Open source, yet remains un-cracked. Widely-accepted as the strongest encryption there is.

The key that encrypts your data is derived from your Master Password. There is by default NO RECORD of them anywhere in the universe – not on your device, never on our servers and never transmitted on the web.

You can choose to have your private, encrypted data never leave your device. Or, seamlessly sync your data (AES-256 encrypted, of course,) via our servers to multiple devices.

You can add two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator to bring yet another layer of security to access your data."

How does this workout for you? The application can store, sites url, username and password, credit card information, transaction information etc. Makes your life easier if your one of those people that don't trust having your passwords for all your sites cached.

The application isn't only for your Android device, you can use this on your home computer for the exact same thing.