Bitcasa now rewards you for your invites

I reviewed Bitcasa a while back.  It was nothing incredible, except that it offered an unlimited option; and, if I recall correctly, if you got someone to sign up (and pay) you got 2 months for free of the unlimited.  Well, that's changed a bit ... heh... bit, bitcasa... 

Anyways.   Now, you can invite friends from the app even to join you in using this storage cloud.  1GB per person that joins up!  Not bad.  They don't have to pay to get the bonus neither.  Only catch is that it maxes out at 15 new invites, so you're then capped at 25GB for free.  (you can get another GB free if you download the app, download the software, etc...)

What else has changed is that the service now has 'levels'.  There's a 1TB level, and a 5TB as well as the unlimited.  The unlimited jumped up a fair bit in cost.  Previously it was $100/yr, now, for that much you're only going to get 1TB.  Depending on what you're backing up, probably still not a bad price.  The scale is the same for the 5TB (i.e. $500/yr).  And if you want unlimited it's now going to set you back $1000/yr.  [check out below for our comparison database]

I'm guessing they had a look at how much their users really were backing up.

Source:  BitCasa