Windmobile and me...

Windowmobile has unleashed their 50$ Unlimited plan.

I'm loving the Wind Unlimited plan for 50$ but here's the "Problem" if you go outside of the designated "Unlimited Zone" you get charged EXTRA. So unless your going to be staying inside the city limits of the UNLIMITED ZONE. Your going to be paying extra. What kind of extra?

Here are our current rates:

US/Canada Roaming - 20¢/min: When outside a WIND Zone, receive a call or make a call to anywhere in Canada or the US– no extra long-distance charges apply.

US/Canada Texting – 15¢/text: Send a text message to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. while you’re outside a WIND Zone. Receiving text messages is always free.

Data Roaming - $1/MB: Stay connected while travelling anywhere in Canada or the U.S. with one low flat rate for data.

I've tried Windmobile but with my going to the cottage, lake, my dad's place I ended up with 48$ extra on my bill.

It wasn't for me as I'm in and out of the city by weekends and or I'm all over the place. I'd  say that makes up for 30% of the time I'll be away from the city and that's where I get nailed.

Take a look at the coverage area. It doesn't really include any of the highways of the extended parts of the city at this time. They have plans for expansion but right now it's not the right thing.

So this said, if your a full time "City Slicker" this is going to be the perfect plan for you. Mind you they do apply "FAIR USE". Make sure you read their TOS and their USER AGREEMENT.