Using the Note 8 ToolKit to get OTA updates from Samsung

I had rooted my Note 8 to run any app as multi-window. I didn't really expect an update (even though I know Samsung is really good about updating devices) because I liked how it was working. I ended up updating my Note 8 for a consistent user experience with my S4. I used the Note 8 ToolKit by Skipsoft both to root and unroot. For unrooting I also needed TriangleAway available in the Play Store.

These toolkits are great for simplifying the rooting and flashing process. This ToolKit supports the GT-N5100, N-5110 and now the N-5120, make sure to install both the application and drivers. I went through the process of unrooting twice because I had I hoped that a simple flashing of a secure boot image and a factory reset would allow me to get the updates. My S4 didn't use triangle away so I didn't think the Note 8 would need it either; I ended up having to root again.

Since I have the WiFi only and was on build BMC9 I started by choosing Option 21 for the Model/Build. I then had to download, extract and flash the stock ROM via Odin (Option 8). This sounds pretty intimidating but Mark does very good instructions and lists the options in the order you need to do the steps. The longest part of the process is downloading the flashable ROM.  You can download TriangleAway, while you wait for your ROM, and do step 3. If this is your first time restoring you can just go through the motions without attaching your device so you can read all the comments above the options and become familiar with where you need to put files. Once you've extracted the ROM you're ready to flash the stock ROM. Odin is included as part of the ToolKit and will automatically launch when it's time to and all rebooting is triggered from within the ToolKit. Follow the steps and you're back to stock. Consider making a donation to help development.

Once I was back to stock, I immediately had updates available. Getting to 4.2.2 seemed quite rocky for Samsung. I went through 3 update processes and woke up to yet another update Oct 11. The penultimate update gave me a smooth fast experience but going to CMI1 fixed the S Pen calibration and battery leak. If you want OEM updates I recommend waiting until you are off warranty and/or certain you will never want those updates directly from Samsung. Samsung has started being less and less amenable to OTA (or Kies) updating after rooting with the Note 3 apparently having an eFuse similar to the XBox. This ensures compliance with corporate BYOD.