Use Cloud Print to help you remember what ink to buy

Just was out shopping and couldn't remember my printer model... Still can't remember and I just looked.

I had saved a picture or note in my Google Drive, but I think I've done that for all my printers since the dawn of time so I'd have to check the dates.

Then I remembered Cloud Print.

Choose anything (picture, document, etc...) and choose to share via cloud print. It'll then ask you to pick your printer. Blam! It gives you your model. Now you can pick that ink cartridge with confidence.

in my case, I'm looking for ink that's compatible with Canon MG5200
You can then hit cancel/back (unless you really wanted to print that).

If you didn't want to go into another app to find something to share, you can just hit the 'print file' button IN Cloud Print and choose something... anything to get the list of which printer to choose.