Rogers Moto X OTA Update - Finally!

Rogers Moto X finally gets the Camera update!

Thanks to a fellow reader by the name +Jascigan Jeyakumar who alerted me to this, the Moto X finally got the update we've been seeing floating around for the US carriers. It comes through as build 139.12.36.en.CA at (32.2MB)

Update Features are:

  • Improved Photos (Color accuracy, exposure, focus speed)
  • Increased accuracy of Touchless Control
  • Fixed Choppy audio issue during voice calls
  • Fixed issue with Motorola Assist improperly reading out texts.

I've had a few minutes to play with the camera, and I can say it's greatly improved. I'm no longer overwhelmed by darkness when trying to shoot pictures indoors.

Spam that update button if your a Rogers Moto X user, It's waitin for ya.