MusicSheet Pro (take your sheet music on the go)

So here's my #appcoliseum from last Sunday.  It's something I have to thank +Leslie Matheson for sharing with me in our Bagpipe Community as I had no idea that this existed!

For those of you who know me, I'm passionate about 2 things:  Android and Bagpipes (it's tough to call which is a leading interest), so finding something that can mix the 2 is awesome.

For bagpipes, there's not a plethora of software available to us.  Worldwide we're still a pretty small group.  But years ago (like DOS age era) there was a command line type software, that you coded in your musical notation into and it would create a PCX of the tune.  I spent nearly an entire summer learning the code for it and I coded just about every music book I could get my hands on to create .bww files.  To this day there's still volumes of the files out there that I created.

The language is a lot like the old Nokia coding for ringtones, LAr_16 means a low A, with a right tail, and it's a 16th note.  I can code a tune pretty quickly when I get going.

But the problem was all the music had to be on your computer.  I'd create the books for our band and bring them in.  Making changes meant going home and finding the code and making the edits back at home and reprinting etc...  It also meant that when I would instruct students I would recommend they go home and install the software (which has huge glitches on x64 machines) so they can work with the computer and timing etc...

Now, with MusicSheet (Free or Pro), that can happen still at the table.

Cover artThe app lets you take those .bww files with you and edit them on your device, show you the product (image) and you can even play with the metronome.  Very handy.

I showed off this for our #appcoliseum, and shortly thereafter bought the full version, it's that good (no more ads, full screen view, metronome beats, looping portions, etc...)

I liked being able to edit and configure the code on the go.  What I'm hoping to be able to do soon is to access from the app a dropbox of all the .bww files for the band and then at the table edit and re-save, and then anybody who brings their devices can see in (somewhat) real-time the changes.

No more printing!!  Awesome.

Get it on Google Play