Glider Gloves - Winter Style for your smartphone

Aren't you tired of getting your hands and fingers cold outside? Having to remove your gloves every time you want to use your smartphone to make a phone call or check an email?

Glider Gloves a Canadian company specializes in gloves that you can keep on and are responsive with your touch screen on your mobile devices. Our friends at Glider Gloves were very nice in providing us with a pair to test out and see how we like it and what we thought about it.

Before I tell you how I personally am going to be using them, if I like them or anything like that. You should take note to check out their website as they have different style and colors. There's something there that will workout for anyone. The price point varies between 25$ and 30$ which isn't bad at all. They even have sales from time to time. Definitely worth checking out.

Glider Gloves
If you have questions about the Glider Gloves don't forget to hit their FAQ section.

I was happy to get a nice pair of their winter style for testing and see how myself a user would like them. Personally I just hate having to take my gloves off, use my phone, put my gloves back on just to notice that their now cold as ice. That's one of the things I hate about not being able to just keep my gloves on and use my phone as I see fit.

The packaging is pretty simple. Plastic package that shows off their product. I'm happy to see that they proudly demonstrate on the package that they are a Canadian company. If you take the time to flip the package to the backside, there's something interesting information about the product:

"Layering technology for superior warmth, made of conductive yarn for full touch response and anti-slip grip dots to keep your device safe"

I've slipped the gloves on and I'm noticing that I need to adapt a bit on how I'm going to hold my phone and use it. It doesn't take much time to figure out. I'm one of those users that prefers to use a single hand to use my phone and access what I need. I've gotten use to the feeling of the phone in my hands with the gloves on and I'm adapting myself to using it with one hand. I can now easily right the review details without too much fuss.

If your a first time user like I am for this product, you'll notice that they are quite comfortable and that your hands do stay quite warm. The usability is excellent, they are conductive all over and I have no fear of dropping my phone. The tactile interface responds very well to the fabric therefore not requiring you to freeze your hands by taking the gloves off.

Right now here the temperature at night hovers between -1c and 2c which ain't that warm. Using the gloves outside at the moment is perfect and keeps me warm and I can still do my Google+, Facebook and Twitter stuff.

I've tried other pairs of gloves which are conductive as well but could never get anything that was right. Often enough the material is to thin and you'll freeze your hands but in this case the gloves are thicker and still provide good tactile feeling. The pairs I've used usually only have the tip of my fingers and since I swype a lot having the ability to use any portion of the glove for me just works. Sure you can go somewhere else and get something similar for cheaper, no doubt about that. But I would prefer to support a growing Canadian business and have something that I like and will use, beside I have fat fingers and these gloves are doing it for me.

My recommendation right now is, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pair. Once you've understood how this works you'll never want to have any other type of gloves. Seriously. If this doesn't entice you even more, our good friends at Glider Gloves have provided us with a coupon code for a 3$ off your purchase.

So grab yourself a pair, I know I am. Coupon expires in 3 months.

Coupon code:  3offGGpromo104036