BBQScreen review from AC-SAH #51

On Sunday afternoon during our regular weekly hangout I featured an application called BBQScreen. If you haven't watched this week's hangout why not do so? Android Coliseum Sunday Afternoon Hangout #51

The application allows for you to "ScreenCast" your Android device screen to your PC/TV/Projector which in turns allows people in the same room as you to be able to see in real time what's happening on your device or to do a screen share during a hangout and share your screen with your viewers.

As you can see from the above image this replicates my screen onto the desktop which can then be put full screen for your viewing pleasure.

It doesn't exactly work out of the box and by that I mean you'll need to play around with the "display ratios" for getting the proper resolution so that your not out of focus. You'll also notice that this "ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES ROOT" there's no way around it.

In my demonstration from Sunday you can see me playing around with my main screen and flipping through. There's really nothing more in regards to settings for the application it's very straight forward from there. You'll obviously need the client installed on your Windows machine and the client supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Again check out our hangout from last Sunday. The link is here: Hangout #51
It's near the last 20 minutes of the show.

Some of the guys even noticed my home screen setup and the cool factor it had. For anyone else inquiring, I'm using Next Launcher 3D with the 3D Scene mote (Beta) enabled on it which gives it that 3D rendering. Surprising enough it's smooth and flawless. I have not gotten any problems with it.

I have feature the launcher in an earlier review which you can read here: Revisit - Next Launcher 3D

Get it on Google Play