Back from AndroidTO 2013!

Oh man oh man! What a blast this was! Me and +Ryan Moore were at +AndroidTO and it was AWESOME!

There was a lot of people and a lot to see. I got a chance to play with some of the newer devices from Sony, Samsung and even the Roger's station had some cool new toy!

Everything KitKat related and from everyone there v4.4 it soon to hit! Check out some of the stuff I brought back!

The agenda we had for the day has kept us busy! Different, speakers, interesting views from the development, the design, the business and the gaming side of Android.

I was all over the place. Got the chance to meet some awesome people in the Android world here in Canada and got to exchange lots of information and make new friends in the process.

This is definitely a scene to be if your active in the community whether you're a developer, a designer or just a blogger like me! There's always a place for everyone. I even seen some run of the mill Android enthusiast!

Why not take the time to check out some of the pictures I captured!