Amazon Teases Canadians with Chromecast

We Canadians have been waiting for the official release of Chromecast to Canada via the Google Play Store. Not to mention, Google Music, Voice, Google Editions phones, Glass, and the list goes on, but that's another story.

Amazon started offering shipping of Google's Chromecast to Canada for $35 + $12 for shipping at THIS LINK. A few people I know took advantage of this, but hours later Amazon quickly removed the option to ship to Canada. Now once again Canadians are left in the cold dark corner, being ignored by Google.

It's unclear if the Canadians that successfully ordered this will actually get their ordered units, or if they'll be greeted by an "I'm sorry email" from Amazon later. However, this goes as another tease to us Canadians.

Thanks to +Jefferson Demosthene for pointing this out to me