[UPDATE] "A Morning with Google+" - Live

"A morning with Google+" live! Watch it here.


Now that the Google+ event is over, let's take a look at what we've just been witness to!

Hangout is going to be updated with some serious features. We all knew that is was time for Google to add some SMS ability to it, we just didn't know until today. During the presentation we we're also informed that location sharing and GIFs support was being added.

We should see an update today with one of the major updates being the SMS support. Everyone uses SMS for texting, it just made sense to add it to hangout as the default messaging app on the Android ecosystem.

"Broadcasters can now schedule Hangouts On Air, then promote them with a dedicated watch page. Once you're live, Control Room lets you moderate the conversation with eject and remote mute."

Other features are coming as well such as the location sharing in your hangouts and being able to use animated GIFs. You will also enjoy the ability to have your hangouts in full screen and in HD on all devices.

If that wasn't enough were going to see some additions with 1000 additional image recognition words, auto-awesome movies, some other editing tools just to make your life easier.

You've all been witness that if you've uploaded multiple images that look like they were taken one after an other rapidly that Google auto animated them as a GIF called auto-Awesome.