Your thoughts on rumours [poll results]

It's the day and age of blogging as journalists and pay per click revenue, so any way you can get readers to your site is a-ok... right?

One of the biggest ways to get readers to sites lately is to perpetuate the outlandish rumours and hype-beasting that goes on in the tech corner of the world.  A rumoured device, a leaked document, maybe somebody had a dream about a spec... keep feeding the machine.

So, I asked of you last week: "Do you like rumours"?  Here's how you answered:
Of those polled, they had the choices of:

  • Awesome
  • Cool
  • Alright, but go easy
  • Too much
  • other

I split the 'other' category into 'other-positive' and 'other-negative'

The way I see it the spectrum goes like this:

Awesome, gimme moar!10%
Other - pos3%
Alright, but go easy on the sauce47%
Other - neg17%
Too much, you're ruining the surprise10%

So many of you are sitting dead in the middle, but wary, and then a fairly even response on either side of that middle ground.

Personally, I like to temper my reading.  I like a surprise.  I'd like to think that those in the middle are as well in the fact that once the rumour mill starts churning we start getting tired real fast.

You can listen to our discussion of this topic during last Friday's Hangout.