Will we be buying into the 'wearable tech'? [poll results]

So, IFA and the cool new toys are over... so they just have to hit the market.  But will they be successful?  Last week I asked you if you were going to 'buy into' the whole wearable tech field.  Here's what you said:

That's over 4 out of 5 of you who will buy 'something'.  But is it just a simple 'trinket' or a 'smart' device?  So the second question was what type?

Google Glass 34%

Smart Watch 33% <-I added in the answers where folks indicated which SmartWatch
  (let us know which in the comments)

Sensor types 13%
  (that log data like the fitbit)

NFC accessories  20%
  (that trigger events)

So, there are many of you who are interested in multiple items.  And the majority of you picked Glass.  I love the idea of +Google Glass.  We'll see what happens when it gets to the main streets!  In the mean time, sound off what type of 'wearable item' you've bought already, or are planning to buy!