What does the Focal Camera app bring to you?

We've all seen the "drama" unfold as Cyanogenmod went INC and this prompted the departure of a developer for the camera app called Focal.

I've even seen myself asking "What the hell is Focal", well I wasn't ready to hear what it is or more so what it can do. Please do take note that Focal is in BETA.

Focal is a full fledge camera replacement app with a boat load of features. The idea is to have the application work on the most phones possible with the most features possible.

This is how Focal looks like when initially launched. By Pressing the camera button and swiping upward will provide you with options such as Photo, Panorama, Video, Photosphere and Front Facing.

If you are the never ending tweaker, you may like what fallows next.

The list of options offered is quite extensive. You have your typical flash option, white balancing, scene mode. When I came down the list I ended on Effects and I was intrigued, why?

On the fly options for Black & White, Solarize, Sepia, Sketch and Neon. Some of which I usually have to fiddle with after the shot is taken. I'm sure that by now your getting the idea that I'm trying to convey to you guys.

Focal includes your typical Exposure settings, colour adjustment, ISO, Burst mode, Timer mode. I'm particularly interested in the Settings of the application, what more can I do?

My first thought was OMG Auto-enhancement, maybe I won't have to fiddle with pictures much afterwards? But I have yet to play further with the settings and taking pictures. Something I will sure be doing later during the day

In photo mode, you also have access to a few tools, such as automatic picture enhancement, or a rule of thirds. On some devices, settings such as Color adjustment, HDR and a manual light measure point are also available. Want to be able to take shots on the spot? Double tap on your screen and you will be put into quick shot mode which then taping anywhere on the screen will snap a shot.

So? Why not head on over to the Google Play store and grab yourself a free copy!