TV Guide For Android - Review

TV Guide for Android. Many people might think, "Pfft.. TV Guide... My TV has one built into it." This is true for many people, but for those who have basic cable, they lost their TV Guide channel. The TV Guide recentlye app fixes this and gives us some great features along the way.
Keep reading to find out why the TV Guide Mobile app deserves a spot inside my app drawer.

TV Guide never use to support Canada or any other countries outside the US, but they've updates not long ago to finally include most of the rest of the world.
You're able to see what's coming on hours, if not days in advance and even set reminders!

For those of you who love your Facebook, you're even able to share with your friends via Facebook. You're able create an event where you and your buddies can chat during the show, and even see who's click that "I'll Watch" button.

TV Guide Mobile is a very simple but important app on my Android. With so many thing going on in my life, if I don't have some sort of reminder, I'm bound to forget. And with all these new shows starting up recenrly, it takes a little time to learn all their time slots.
So if you got a little time, I highly recommend you grab TV Guide Mobile, it's totally FREE!