Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

I've been browsing XDA for quite a while now looking at different applications. I landed on Sidebar Plus not that long ago and it's actually now been released on the Google Play Store. This is perfect for people who are using their tablets to multi task. I personally wouldn't recomend it on a a smartphone, but that's just how I feel about it.

This application offers everything that a power user might need. You have the ability to create different side bars. If you take a look at the above screen capture, you'll noticed that there's 3 side bars you can pull from. Each of these sidebars can be customized to have whatever you need.

The only limitation here is your own imagination.

Not convinced? Well how about you give it a fair trial?


  • Create multiple bars that can open from aside.
  • Pin apps, common settings, contacts, shortcuts into bar.
  • Big Bar brings favorite apps, frequent contacts, settings, weather, running apps, widgets in a bar.
  • Customize a bar with theme, colors, icon size, opacity, bar alignment (left/right).
  • Deeply integrate to system: slide to open bar while using other app.
  • Include 3 themes: dark, light, holo-dark.

Get it on Google Play