Pwnage Project switches gears from Kickstarter to Indiegogo [live now]

So, last week I told you how the Kickstarter for the +PWNAGE Project was going live Monday.  And it failed to happen.

An email from Matt suggested that they got some new backing and thus were altering their goals (previously they were searching for $1.2 million).  Almost a week has gone by and I've now noticed that on their site they're posting that instead of Kickstarter, they're using Indiegogo.

So they've put up their fundraising on Indiegogo and the goal right now is $300,000.

A look down the list and you'll see that one of the 'perks' is for $250 you can get the Li some time around February 2014 (for the first 500 donors, don't forget to add $20 for us up in Canada).

Not a bad price for a pretty spec'd out tablet.  Selling all 500 would fetch them just under half their goal, so there's some other perk options as well, such as for $450 you can expect to get it a month earlier than the rest.  For $500 you can get it (no guarantees) in time for Christmas.  And so on and so forth.

So check them out, and help them bring gaming to a wide audience of Android users!