Pwnage Project is having a giveaway (on Facebook)

Just got an advanced notice on the Pwnage Project's new promotion.  Looks like starting tomorrow they're doing a "like drive" to help spread the word for their upcoming kickstarter.  Like the page and you're entered in to win a free device!

Now, from what you've told us, most of you are 'mostly' on Google+ now, but still have an account there.  So why not go give a like and see what they're doing on that end of the social media.  +PWNAGE Project is also on G+, but the contest is for FB at the moment; which will start September 7th, and run for 30 days!

Press Release

To start Saturday September 7th, 2013 

Facebook 'Like' Promotion 
We're trying to change the world... but in order to do that we need to let the world know about The PWNAGE Project, and what it is we're doing. And we're looking to Web Media and social media to help do that. Social Media has a lot of great features for people to show if they like or support what you're doing and in return, keeps those people up to date with current news about you. 
So in an effort to gain more Facebook Likes we're doing a special promotion. EVERYONE who likes us on Facebook will be eligible to win a FREE PWNAGE Li Game System! And you'll get it for Pre-pre pre release! AKA our planned developers release (beta-software). YES everyone who likes us, even those who already liked us! 

Now don't think you're gonna be getting some janky alpha or beta device. We've been done with our hardware design for a couple months now and only working on our ROM (firmware), The PWNAGE Plaza Marketplace Community apps and interfaces, and our internal customer support system. Which is close to complete! 
Because we're using our own awesome version of Android created by you will also be able to use your PWNAGE Li the moment you get it! And our easy to use PWNAGE ROM Recovery Tool or our PWNAGE ROM Online Update Tool will keep you stocked with the latest version of the Official PWNAGE ROM! 
But wait! There's more! Anyone who invites a friend(s) to like us on Facebook will also get a free "founders" PWNAGE T-shirt, and so will your friend(s)! 
So what do say? Sounds like a pretty good deal right? Well go like us on Facebook! And be sure to share with your friends too.