NVIDIA announces the "Tegra Note" [Kai's successor]

NVIDIA is no slouch of a name when it comes to quality graphics and powerful chips.  I remember being able to get my TF101 that came with the Tegra chip and how powerful that was all that time ago.

Well, last year NVIDIA announced a sort of 'nexus' type tablet.  A device that could show other OEMs how to design on their Tegra chips; a company called Asus made one up and they became the Nexus 7; and you know how successful that tablet has been.

Fast forward to today and they've done one better.  Introducing the "Tegra Note".

If you recall, I really liked the Note 2, and still have my eyes set on that Z Ultra.  I love being able to doodle on my devices.  NVIDIA's Tegra Note will be a same sort of 'benchmark device' for OEMs to design a tablet.  I'll work on the Tegra 4 but also have, as the name suggests, a stylus system that NVIDIA has shown off before called DirectStylus (using their Direct Touch software).

NVIDIA's even suggesting that the price point should be around the $200 range for a device.  I'm definitely interested!!

Source:  http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2013/09/18/tegra-note/