Nexus 7 with LTE now available for us Canucks [if you needed it]

I'll never understand LTE tablets.  But ten again these tablets aren't for me.  They're for who wants, them, and luckily now here in Canada, they can get them.

The LTE variants of the new Nexus 7 (can I say 'new and improved' or is that trademarked somewhere?) are now available for purchase in the Play Store.

For $350 you get the 32GB (not bad) model that has LTE for just about all bands in Canada.  You'll have to sign up for a 'tablet plan' in order to receive data on the device (which means you'll have to pay more money to the carrier, and split your data now amongst 2 devices).

For $80 less I'll just tether, thank you very much.

Bonus is you'd be getting free shipping if you purchased!