New Google Wallet [apk download]

So, ever since we started to use NFC regularly in our phones (I want to say the Galaxy Nexus first really popularized it) I've wanted to use it to pay for things.

Leave my credit card at home and just 'beep/boop' the machines at the tills to take my stuff home.

Today, Google announced a new 'version' (read update?) for Google Wallet which is for all.*
*not really all, only a select minority - and even then not really all of those either

Sadly they don't even mention that footnote in their new blog post, just keep mentioning the US, with not even a hint of it rolling out to other markets quite yet.

The new update allows you to see all the purchases you've made with Wallet as well as make payments or send payments.  You'll even get special offers to use it!  Dammit!

You can even store your reward cards or loyalty cards in there (to be read by the retailer later as you pull up the info on your screen for them).

Download the apk here if you want to try it out:*
*note, you may need to go get 'market enabler' for it to work (i.e. trick your phone into thinking you're in the US, or even adjust your home address).  And hey, I used Copy to share this file with you - feel free to use my reference code to get you started using Copy (you'll get 20GB instead of the 15GB).

I downloaded it and was only met with: