New Gaming Tablet - Pwnage Project Li

So, last week I asked you about gaming on your device; and today released the results of that survey.

So, and those who play, tend to use standard devices.  What if you were a little more serious?  You could try getting remote controllers.  My personal favourites are the Steelseries Free and the Zeemote.

But it doesn't always work with every game.

There's the OUYA or Project Shield.  Not exactly super portable (well the Shield is, but it looks like it's a big big DS... and I never considered those portable).  A while back, +Brandon Starcevic wrote a review on a tablet he found:  the DEA Factory 7

Well, there's a new option coming out, the Pwnage Project Li.

Sure, there's been others out there, like Brandon showed, but what separates this out for me is the sheer specs of it.

PWNAGE™ Li Game System  - Specifications

Display Screen7.0 inch 16:9 HD 5point capacitive TN touch screen; G+P touch panel | 1600W colors
Touch Screen7 inch Capacitive Display( 5 points,P+G)
Resolution1024 x 600 pixels
CPURockChip RK3188 Quad Core Cortex A9@1.9GHZ
GPUMali400 MP4 GPU, surpporting OpenGL ES1.1/ 2.0 and OpenVG1.1 up to 600MHZ
Storage8GB Internal Storage | Mini-SD Up to 32GB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.2.2 PWNAGE Li Edition - Made By
NetworkWI-FI | 3G | Bluetooth
Ports1080P HDMI Output w/ Wireless HDMI Support | Mini USB | USB |3.5 MM Headphone jack
Other FunctionsG-Sensor- Three axis Gravity Acceleration Sensor | Web / Camera HD Front & Back

To me, that's pretty impressive.  Except for the resolution, that's the only thing I'd be somewhat hesitant about.  It will have 1080p on another display (note it also carries Wireless HDMI, which is cool).

But being able to have a tablet for gaming that would have all the amenities of my own Google ecosystem.

What's somewhat concerning for any new system would be the adoption of not only the games, but ensuring that the hardware that's attached to it.  So, it looks like they'll be developing their own ... well, not ecosystem, but a forum of sorts for the developers.  Much like Tegra Zone, it'll be the Pwnage Plaza.

So, are you interested in this?  The specs seem right to play.  And seeing how lots of you are gamers on your device already, it looks like it'll be a hit!

I had a great call with Matt (the founder) about the project and it was interesting to hear their focus is to be 'open source' and really allow YOU, the user, to own (dare I say pwn?) your device.  The device is being powered by Android 4.2.2 with a custom ROM for it built by FreakTab.  For me that's cool, not that I know the group, but because it is a group, and not some massive OEM company, the updates will come as quickly as we need them.

And, this is only their entry level device.  Matt said there will be an Lx model which will have more RAM, a faster processor down the road.  VERY interesting.

So, look for more information on their page (or here, as we may get some early notice for y'all) for their kickstarter program.  The video should be up next week, and then the campaign to start the Monday after that.

Sure, there's a bit of fear out there with kickstarts lately for Android devices, like the OUYA, or TYLT, etc... but Matt has assured me that production is ready, not just prototypes.  So, if you're going to back, you could back confidently.

I'm very interested.  A while back when I was on the +Attack of the Androids with +Mat Lee we discussed the OUYA and its 'fail' (I can't comment, as I haven't tried it yet), but there definitely seems to a HUGE appetite for Android folks to game (and the vice versa for gamers to use Android).  I for one am not much of a gamer, but if I had a device that carried with it my current Android ecosystem, but had the full potential to mash out some killer games.  I'd definitely put it on a wishlist.

How about you?