MyScript Stylus Beta

I 've been sticking with the Note series of tablet because I really enjoy being able to write with the stylus. Until now, there have been few options other than the Samsung keyboard. That's changed with MyScript Stylus Beta.

Samsung and Vision Objects take two different approaches to script entry. Common features include gestures and word prediction. While Samsung gives more of a freestyle writing space, Stylus Beta uses a scrolling line. You can write numbers and symbols for each.

I've been using the Samsung keyboard for a long time. It has very good word prediction and has learned some of my handwriting. It can be dicey to go back and correct word, frequently it's easier to simply delete the word and start over. If you write too much you can end up "correcting" a line before. I find with the freestyle space I forget to hit the space or enter key to confirm the text.

MyScript Stylus Beta uses a scrolling line that you can adjust the speed on. When I write faster than the default speed I have to stop but it still does a very good job of transcribing and seems more flexible than the Samsung keyboard. As the word scrolls off the screen it automatically get posted as text to the document. You can tap on the document to correct errors. I do find the scrolling more intuitive. It works just as well on the S4 as it does on the long as you are using a stylus and not a finger (for me). The writing space is shorter so the scroll speed needs to be boosted.

Overall I'm very impressed with this alternative and it's in Beta until March so you have the opportunity to help the developers shape the final app. If you want to handwriting instead of keyboard, give this a try.

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