Moto X Touchless Control Issues?

So I've had my Moto X for over a week now. At first I was on the fence whether I liked it more than my HTC One, but as time goes on I'm finding myself loving its features more and more. However, like any new phone that comes to the market, there are a couple little issues that needs to be ironed out.

One of the annoying things that happens to me is the Touchless Control activating itself by mistake. It seems while the phone is in my pocket, it'll hear my 'Launch phrase" when I'm having a conversation with someone, even though I've not spoken any of the activation words. Apparently something I'm saying sounds similar and it causes my phone to wake in my pocket and not have a command issued, therefore it sits awake in my pocket.

Naturally it'll turn itself in 30 seconds or however long I have my screen timeout period set at. The issue is my phone gets random touches from my leg through my pants during that time. When I pull my phone out, sometimes I see apps open or even have pocket dialed a favorite contact. You could imagine this would be pretty annoying.

I've heard other people report the same problem. A couple people have reported being at a restaurant and their phone wakes up and starts listening to a nearby table because it thinks it hears the 'Launch Phrase'.

This is easily fixed, but it seems Motorola's Support email attached to this app within the Google Play Store isn't working, as my emails bounced back when I tried contacting them last night. This could be easily fixed by adding an optional check box to disallow Touchless control while the phone is face down or within a pocket/bag. By utilizing the proximity sensor, this could be an issue resolved, and leave it optional would ensure it pleases all users.

Have you had this issue with your Moto X? Do you think an option to disallow Touchless Control while in the pocket is a good idea? Perhaps you have a better idea? Post your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what you think.