IFA 2013 Sony first impressions

Berlin is a great venue for finding out what new gadgets are coming out. Sony had some leaks but nothing beats a demo. Sony used to be my go-to electronics manufacturer because of their innovation and quality. Now we just have a TV and PS3. They are emphasizing media - are they going to preferentially integrate media access with technology? Let's find out.

3 new cameras - improved CMOS sensors at all levels for better low lighting and higher detail. One touch connection through NFC.

3 new video recorders - HDR-MV1 - stereo microphones and wifi uploading for music video record, one that includes GPS for action video and a 4K handycam  for more professional results.

Computers - the Vaio line features of emphasis on form factor; 2 new products. A laptop that converts to tablet and touch screen with a screen cover that is a wireless keyboard.

TV-4K projection TV.

Big thing is one touch through NFC. Mirroring, backup, sharing.

Xperia Z1  

Specs have been leaked so let's look at features and services.

Features and Services

Social Live - stream to Facebook page with real time commenting.
Info Eye - live information on viewing through camera
Timeburst 61 images in 2 seconds starting before shutter.
Play Memories cloud based library with unlimited storage
Integrates media with music unlimited, movie unlimited and PlayStation

Smart watch 2 later this month. Stand that make the digital phone act like a camera on a tripod. QX Series CyberShot - one touch connects to the Xperia, Adapter for other mobile phones with, picture quality equivalent to the RX 100.

Sony has really focused on the camera with this device and with social being so important, it's a good way to set your device apart from the rest. They have lots of experience with innovation as Sony was one of the first CMOS chip developers - I remember oooo-ing and ahhhing over the Sony digital camera at Expo '86. It's a very enticing device and launching later this month. Will you get one?