IFA 2013 Samsung Unpacking #2

Again, tons leaked ahead of time but it's always interesting to see the presentation. Much more flamboyant than the Sony presentation.

Jumped right into the Galaxy Note 3 presentation - it doesn't look that big while he's holding it. New pen, larger screen in same sized device, textured/leather back that can be exchanged for backs with metallic lustre. SPen design redesigned for advanced multi-tasking and contextual menus triggered by pen button. Knox on board for BYOB. Launching with 4.3. Full HD Super AMOLED screen. 4K video on some models.

Once again lots of accessories promised but none actually shown.

Galaxy Gear can make and receive calls; digital memos with camera. Lots of voice control through S Voice and seamless connection to the phone. OCR recognition with translation built into the camera function (awesome, I've used it for training). Built in pedometer; I'm hope it will mesh with SHealth.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 added button that makes it clearly a landscape device. 2560x1600.

Launch date September 25 in 149 countries. October world wide. All the features of the Note 3.

So while Sony focused on camera; the Note focuses on productivity using intuitive gestures with the pen and being able to open the same app in two windows with drag and drop and open some apps in a floating any sized window. Evernote premium included for one year along with other exclusive content. The gear is no more attractive than my Sony watch but way more functional.

Interesting availability. US and Japan in October but other countries later this month.