How to take inverted Tiny Planets from Photospheres

Okay, I didn't know about this before, so I'm sharing it with you now.

One of the cool things about a stock camera is that you get the PhotoSphere option.  And there's some nifty examples of it out there, I've even showed you the app.  Awesome stuff.

Another cool thing you can do with a good sphere is convert it to a 'tiny planet'.  I loved doing these with a decent panorama with Photoshop back in the day!  Well, came across this tip today to make an 'inverted tiny planet', or as one person called it a fox in the hole shot.

So those of you who haven't tried doing a Tiny Planet yet, take a normal photosphere and there'll be an option when you view it to turn it into a planet.

Here's an example I did recently.
The panorama version:

(not sure if Blogger retains the interactive sphere, so here's an embedded from

And then converting it to the tiny planet.

But to turn it into an inverted option, look at the normal version and first choose to edit it and mirror it.

Then when it's inverted you can choose to turn the upside down photo to a planet to get the inverted option

There's a really cool community out there, check them out for more great examples.