Get Moto X Style Notifications on Any Android with DynamicNotifications

I own the HTC One and the Moto X, figuring out which one I like better is a hard decision to make. Trying to get the best of both worlds, I've been experimenting with an app called DynamicNotifications.

DynamicNotifications allows you to get a Moto X style of Active Notifications that can be used when you get a new message, or be used as your new new lockscreen.

This application allows many tweaks such as letting you choose which app will be shown and used for DynamicNotifications, as well as selecting your own colors and styles. Aside from colors, it also allows you to assign shortcuts to various directions of the center unlock circle other than unlock and check most recent notification.
One of my favorite features is it also allows you to enable the proximity sensor to wake the device up when flipped over from its face, or removed from a pocket or bag. The only draw back from this is other phones don't have the low powered cores like the Moto X, so you'll notice a little extra battery drain from this option, but I still manage a full days use with this enabled.

So if you're looking for the Moto X style of notifications, I encourage you to give DynamicNotifications a try

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