[GAME] Chrono Trigger

Back in the mid 90's when I was a teenager I was a video game nut, mind you up to this day it hasn't changed much I'm just more received for titles I'm really looking forward to. One such title is Chrono Trigger that was publish by Squaresoft now known as Square Enix. This title captivated me for hours on the Super Nintendo platform. It's one among many titles that I remember playing during my teenage years. Take a look at some of the screen captures.

To be fair this isn't the top of the line graphic but back then this was a hot one.

Chrono Trigger takes place in a world that's quite similar to Earth, with eras such as the past, present, future and the prehistoric times. You'll get a chance to visit places like that represent each time period. During your travel you'll encounter friends and foes with various abilities, some more deadly then others.

During your time in Chrono Trigger you'll discover that all the time frame are actually all link to each other for various reason that you'll be able to discover.

This game will bring out lots of new magic, items, special abilities and even team cooperation for different combos. There's nothing that can really stop you from getting to your goal, there's a way to everything you need. The game offers the ability to play 7 different characters, Chrono, Marle, Lucas, Frog, Magus, Ayla and Robo. Each of these character represent a different element; Chrono is lightning, Marle is ice, Lucas is Fire, Frog is water, Magus is dark, Ayla is physical and Robo is a mix between physical and dark.

So the start of the game begins with you in your house with your mom in 1000 A.D and this is where everything will get more strange as you go on. I personally highly recommend finding all the special equipment, why? Trust me if you do, no monster will be able to harm you with the proper equipment. Mind you, you may have to replay the game more then once to figure this out, even in the game player guide this info isn't recorded. I play with Chrono, Magus and Robo. There's no doubt for me some EPIC moments.

If I've intrigued you to this point, head on over to the Play Store and get yourself this game. It's not free it will set you back 9.99$.

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