Contest Update - Cruzerlite does it again for the S4

Cruzerlite is a well known name in TPU phone cases. Let's take a quick look at the Androidified Experience line for the S4.

I like to keep my device naked but if I was looking for a case, this would be a great one to use. The TPU material gives a less slick feel to the back of the S4. The case wraps around the back and sides giving some protection both when laying your S4 face down or from a drop onto a hard service. The Android etchings add a little pizzazz to the case.

I got two types of case, a one piece and a two piece. The one piece skin easily slips on the phone. The cutouts are generous to give easy access to ports and buttons. It didn't add a lot of bulk and I would definitely use it if I didn't keep my phone in a pouch or wallet style case. The two piece case was little less comfortable for me to use. I couldn't easily get the case on, either as two separate pieces or with them joined together (probably just me) and when I did get it on it added just enough bulk to make the S4 feel too big in my hand.

If you like TPU cases, Cruzerlite is the one to get. Check out Hangout 45 for a quick video review. Watch this space for your chance to win.

Enter to win either the black or the black and red case for the S4 by leaving a comment in this thread. I'll pick a winner at next weeks hangout - new Sunday time.