App Pick - AndroVid Pro

I don't do a lot of video editing because I don't do a lot of video but when I do I want something simple to use. AndroVid Pro has enough features for me to trim and jazz up a video quickly with a sleek design that is simple to use.

The most appealing features are the ability to select a part of the video to either remove or keep the selection, many will only allow you to split then later merge instead of doing it in one step.  Once you edit your video you can add music from all music sources you have available on your devices.Several effects, from sharpening to fade are included and can be layered by saving the file then adding the next effect.

This grape video

can become this in just a couple minutes

If your video editing needs are fairly simple, this may be a good tool for you. Works great on both my phone and tablet. There is a free version but it's worth it to pay $2.49.

Get it on Google Play