[APP] Genius Scan - Scanning on the GO!

In the business world we often scan information into one of those big box multi-printers and have it emailed to whomever. Genius Scan aims to bring the exact same thing to your smartphone.

Scan anything you need and Genius Scan will convert it to a PDF or JPG for easy use. Once your item is scanned you will then be able to crop the scan if you need it and also choose between color or your standard B/W output.

Provided you pay the 1.99$ fee, you will be able to export your scans to dropbox, box.net, Google drive, Mega etc.

The ease of doing business if your a contractor or a consultant. You usually end up before taking a job to have to sign documents and then return them. Having the ability to scan them to PDF from your smartphone and then email them out to your contacts is much easier if you don't normally have access to a scanner.

This is indeed one of my APP's now. It's going to be that app that you'll use very infrequently but that you'll love to have it handy for when you do need it.

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