[APP] Evomail - Review

There's a new app on the block for checking your email and it's Evomail. Initial visual inspection and the app looks slick and nicely put together. This new startup that just hit the Play Store is trying to re-invent your inbox. This application bring quite a few features that may interest some of you; push notification, folders and labels, snoozing ability, gestures that let you swipe to delete or archive emails etc.

If your like me you'll notice some similarities to your Gmail interface. Upon your first start of the application you'll notice a few options to set yourself up, Gmail, Yahoo, imap enabled services. It should make it pretty easy to get yourself up and running in the first few steps. There's not a lot of options in terms of customization of the client. I didn't find anything in regards to specify the notification sound depending on the different accounts your may have. I also was unable to find anything the manner of being able to "send as" another address or specific identify to manage my email. I seem to be left with choosing each mailbox one at the time to check my email.

The few test I ran on the client didn't seem to push the emails I received but then again it may just be on a time delay or sync, I couldn't tell.

The email client is solid and simple there's nothing really fancy about it. It's missing a few features but that's normal as it's just out on Android and I'm sure the developers are looking at getting the pulse of the public. This is the perfect mail client for the people who just don't really bother to manage their inbox.